Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Miss My Grammy.

Day 110

Hey all, Grammys tonight!!! In honor, thought I'd do Grammy-themed nails. :-D

I used OPI Alpine Snow Matte as a base for all nails with OPI for Sephora What's a Tire Jack? Matte for the musical notes. For the grammy, I used a mix of Zoya Angelina and Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme for the base, China Glaze 2030 from Khrome Collection for the metal part of the grammy, with Zoya Angelina and China Glaze White on White to shade and highlight the metal.Two coats of Seche Vite top coat to top everything off.

Who do you want to win tonight?

TransDesign order recap

(all the thing I recieved)

I have finally swatched all the polishes I got from and I decided to make a quick recap.

(free color charts)

At you can have FREE color chart. I got some from China Glaze, Misa and OPI.

My favourite of the OPI polish I purchased is Russian Navy Suede. It has such a wonderful finish. I like also the other colors. La Paz-itivetely Hot Matte is a color that I like but not on me, it's too bright.

I loved all of this polish in the pictures. The two I was looking forward the most were Agent Lavender and Secret Peri-wink-le. I liked this colors but the two that surprised me were Awaken and Shower Together. They are so amazing! With Awaken was love at first sight when I wore it and Shower Together match my skin color perfectly!

(essie Mint Candy Apple, essie Matte About You Top Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat)

Mint Candy Apple is a wonderful color but I don't like it that much on my nails. It's still a pretty color for spring so I will wear it anyway.
I don't think I need to talk about Matte About You or Seche Vite because they are quite famous.

(nail art tools)

I ordered a dotting tool, some nail art brushes, rhinestones and silver and gold studs. I also purchased some dried flowers, some crushed shells and some hologram chopped confetti.

(nail art brushes)

This is a set with a detail brush, a striper and a long striper.
I like the detail brush, is precise but the stripers are a little messy.

(dried flowers, crushes shell and hologram chopped confetti)

I haven't used this yet but you will soon see them in my nail arts.

(rhinestones and silver and gold studs)

This rhinestones will last me forever.
The studs are cute but there isn't much difference between the gold ones and silver ones.

(OPI small purse)

This is a free gift.
It's a small silver purse that doesn't have a purpose yet. But I like it a lot.

This was a quick and short recap.
If you have questions I will gladly answer.


(above camera flash - below natural light)

This polish is one of the best polish I have.
OPI made a great job with the SUEDE collection.
The finish is really good and it catch a lot of attention! I was at the supermarket with this polish on and a lot of people were watching it!
I read in a lot of blog that this polish chip really fast but for me it wasn't a problem. I wore ir for three days and it didn't chip at all. I also washed my hair, thing that usually kills all my manicure, but Russian Navy Suede resisted well, just minor tipwear.
I applied a basecoat and let it dry very well and didn't have any trouble with the application. On my right thumb I had to redo the nail three times because I didn't let dry enough the base so in the end I didn't apply a basecoat on the thumb and it didn't stain so if you want you can also not apply a basecoat.


(above camera flash - below natural light)

This color is so not me!
I don't like colors that are too bright but I was curious about this matte version that is almost satin finish.
I had a little trouble with the application since I'm not used to matte polish but at the second try it came out pretty good.
I have to say that I like it. Maybe I will not do a whole many but with some decoration it can be really good.


(above camera flash - below natural light)

This is a beautiful pink creme. It's less red and less bright than in the picture but it's definitely a bright pink.
I really like it and it's perfect for Valentine's Day.


(above camera flash - below natural light)

My camera isn't color accurate at all. In reality this color is less pink and more orange.
It's similar to this "basic" color, it's just a little lighter.


(above camera flash - below natural light)

I like this color very much. Is a beautiful muted purple creme. A nice fall color.

Swatch: China Glaze No.691 AWAKEN

(above camera flash - below natural light)

This color is awesome.
It didn't appeal to me that much in the bottle since I don't like metallic polish that much but once I put it on it was love at first sight.
I probably like it because it has some blue reflex and I love blue! It's a very original color!

Swatch: China Glaze No.650 SHOWER TOGETHER

(above camera flash - below natural light)

This color is one of my favorites.
I was really surprised with this color. It was more beautiful than what I tought it would be.
It matches my skin color very well!
The only problem with this color is that stains the nails. When it first arrived I wore it on my middle finger without basecoat and when I removed it my nail was yellow! For this swatch I applied two coats of basecoat and didn't have any problems!

Swatch: China Glaze No.683 SECRET PERI-WINK-LE

(above camera flash - below natural light)

This is really beautiful. Another color I was really looking forward but I wasn't really satisfied with this one either. Still very beautiful!

Swatch: China Glaze No.684 AGENT LAVENDER

(above camera flash - below natural light)

This was one of the one I was expecting more. It's a beautiful lavender creme but I'm not too satisfied with how it looks on my nails.

GELLAK by Professionails

Direttamente dalla fiera dell'estetica dove, come ben sapete, lo staff di Trendynail è andato sabato in ricognizione, vi presento un nuovo gel della linea Professionails:


Ragazze non ho ancora avuto modo di provarlo personalmente ma vi anticipo qualcosa perchè i colori che ho visto dal vivo nello stand sono veramente travolgenti!!

Luminosissimi, vivi, particolari.

Preciso che è un gel da ricostruzione quindi va catalizzato sotto la lampada.

Ecco qui il mio acquisto: si chiama NO MANIPULATION!
Il colore è tra il viola ed il rosso scuro, l'effetto è bellissimo e ovviamente sto preparando lo swatch per farvi vedere come rende sull'unghia.

I flaconcini contengono 10ml di prodotti ed il costo si aggira intorno ai 19,00 euro!

La gamma si compone di 34 colori....ed io ve li presento uno per uno partendo dal bianco che si chiama appunto "Primo":

1) Congeniality
2) Just Luminosity
3) Ala Francaise
4) Maiden Voyage
5) Lunatical
) In a Silent Way
) Kind of Blue
8) Sunglitz
9) Briliant Corners
10) Soft Smootie
11) Mitch Match
) Catch my Light
13) Fuchsiasm Delight
14) a Supreme Love
15) Il mio Latino
) Time Out
17) Granitè Melangè
18) My Favourite
19) Meet me There
20) Chic o' chic
21) No Nonsense
22) Crumble Shuffle
23) Chocolate Chips
24) Dorè Dorè
) Sense of Subtility
) Black Saint
27) New York Night
28) No Manipulation
29) Purple Train
30) Ebonia touch
31) Out to Lunch
32) Coolcity
33) Somethin'else
34) Sensational

I numeri che vi ho indicato corrispondono esattamente alla cartella colori che trovate qui sopra.

Leopard Prints!

Both sets are two tone glitter acrylic sculpture extension.

The colors don't really show up here. In fact, the orange glitter is really bright! Love it! Alternating between pink and orange glitter, then painted on gold leopard prints. And of cos, blings!

So glossy and bling! Leopard prints are damn IN now. hahaha.

Light pink purple glitter with pink leopard prints. So kawaii!

Rainbows and ribbons on both thumbs n middle fingers.

See the acrylic glitter! They are so sparkling. :D

Now I think I might just do this on my nails for CNY. Then again, I might just be too tired and lazy.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bridal nails - gel and acrylic

2 sets of bridal nails I did in Dec, I think.

White petals and crystals on a pink champagne glittery acrylic extension.

So bridal-ish and blissful.

Silver glitter gel overlay on client's natural nails, and yes she's got long nail beds and nice curvy nails, thus it looks pretty even without an extension.

A super bling set for her wedding. Thumb nail design is from Nail Max if I don't remember wrongly. :)

The Results Are In...

I was seriously surprised with the amount of entries I got- so many of you did the limit of 5!! I absolutely loved seeing everyone's interpretations of the designs from this site, and plan on updating this post with some of the entries when I'm not in a rush like I am today... :-/ (check back tomorrow probably!!)

Ok, on to the winners, which were picked by a random number generator from all the submissions!

Prize #1 goes to: Krista, this was the design that she submitted:

Prize #2 goes to Susan Holak, this is the design that she submitted:

Prize #3 goes to Bonnie Yang, this is her submission:

So, a big fat thank you to all of you that entered the contest- your designs were charming, fun, and well-executed!! I'm so glad to have such awesome readers!!!

And to those that entered, but didn't win, not to worry- I'll come up with another giveaway soon! :)


All the entries- alphabetically (CLICK TO ENLARGE):