Sunday, February 27, 2011

WARNING - Nekkid pictures ahead (of stained nails, lol)

Morning! Remember how I told you all that Nubar Verde was not very nice to me or my nails. Well I just wanted to show you guys how I semi fixed it. As you can see, I kind of already fixed my pointer, before I decided to take pics, and share with you all. You can still see the icky staining on the others. I hope I don't gross you guys out, lol.

Well using my square purple buffing block, I lightly buffed my nails, and most of the stains out. Now I don't recommend this if your nails are thin or weak, but mine are fairly strong, so just a tad light buffing, doesn't really damage them.


Chloe0602 said...

Hahahaha, really, I like my pics, and the fact that my watermark even identifies it as mine. Nice try

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